Smart Planning Key to Creating Smart Cities

Jointly organized by Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning of the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Institute of Planners, the Smart Planning Symposium was successfully held on 4 May 2019. To our pleasure, Ms. Carolyn Bennett, Senior Geospatial Data Manager of the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) was invited as one of the speakers at the conference.

Ms. Carolyn Bennett from the BPDA explained how ArcGIS Urban and 3D planning tools strengthen smart development in Boston.

The population of Boston is growing rapidly in the near future. To cater for the population growth, the BPDA has worked with Esri to develop ArcGIS Urban which enables urban planners and all stakeholders to visualize the proposed development on 3D models of the city. The platform incorporates Boston’s zoning code and key features such as the amount of shade a tall building will throw. Development information becomes more transparent as it is available on the BPDA website to enable more efficient analysis and planning and ensure quality assurance of the buildings in the context of smart cities.

3D Data and Citywide 3D Model maps are available on the BPDA website.