GIS Technology for Digital Construction

Managing Director of Esri China (HK), Sr. Paul Tsui, was invited to speak on a topic “GIS Technology for Digital Construction” at the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) Annual Conference, which was successfully held on 21 September 2019.



Sr. Paul Tsui, Managing Director of Esri China (HK), delivered a presentation at the HKIS Annual Conference 2019.



Theme of the Conference this year is “Innovation: Revitalizing Construction”. Riding on the theme, Paul has delivered a presentation to explain how Geographic Information Systems (GIS) could facilitate and enhance the lifecycle in a construction project. He also took questions from the audience in the moderation session.



A booth was set up by Esri China (HK) at the AECHK Annual Seminar 2019.



On the other occasion, Esri China (HK) has setup a booth at AECHK Annual Seminar on 8 November 2019 to uplift the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry in Hong Kong. To upgrade the industry standard and quality through digital transformation and emerging GIS technologies, AEC practitioners showed strong interests in our booth and we exchanged a number of comments and opinions with the participants.