Esri China (HK) Participates

in International Housing Conference 2018

Dr. Winnie Tang, Chairman of Esri China (HK), delivered a presentation at the HKHS International Housing Conference.


Dr. Winnie Tang, Chairman of Esri China (HK), has been invited to participate in the Panel Discussion at the International Housing Conference 2018 organized by the Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) from 2-3 November 2018. The conference with the theme of “Building a Smart and Livable City for an Aging Community” has been organized as one of the celebration events for the 70th anniversary of the Hong Kong Housing Society.

With the presentation topic of “Technologies Driving a Smart & Livable City”, Dr. Tang shared her insights on the future development and sustainability of our society for the ageing population in Hong Kong. She also explained to the audience how technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) would assist in the urban design and planning of housing in future so that a smarter city and a more livable community could be built.

Dr. Tang took questions from the floor at the end of her presentation.