Workshop on Revolutionary GPS

+ GIS Data Collection Solutions

Esri China (HK) is pleased to receive guest speakers who shared their experiences in the workshop — “Revolutionary GPS + GIS Data Collection Solutions as a Service”.

Esri China (HK) successfully held a workshop “Revolutionary GPS + GIS Data Collection Solutions as a Service” attended by over 60 participants on 30 November 2018, in which we introduced the latest cost-effective data collection technologies and services. It has been well-known that a professional RTK-grade GPS system with up to centimeter accuracy could be very costly in the market. It is now possible to subscribe to the cm-level accuracy positioning service at a more affordable price. Trimble Catalyst is a subscription-based high-accuracy GPS service integrated with Esri GIS technologies for which real-time spatial data can be stored and shared online through a smartphone for further analysis and visualization.

Our colleague showcased how professional-grade GPS positioning as a service is integrated with Collector for ArcGIS.

We showcased the applications of ArcGIS Runtime SDK and the use of Collector for ArcGIS integrated with Trimble Catalyst. Our colleagues also demonstrated the efficiency and accuracy of Trimble Catalyst and found the positioning accuracy of Trimble Catalyst is comparable with other professional measurement tools.

A demonstration of advanced GPS positioning for field measurement on the road.

A success story of “Hong Kong International Airport Third Runway Project — Civil and Marine Construction” and practical applications of TruPulse Laser Rangefinder were also shared in the workshop. We all learned more about how GPS and GIS assisted us in saving time and cost in a number of use cases.