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CLP Power Received 2015 SAG Award

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) received 2015 Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award from Esri China (Hong Kong).

Every year, Esri presents one organization in each country or region worldwide with Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award. The SAG Awards highlight users that have shown vision, leadership, hard work, and innovation in their use of Esri's GIS technology.


Esri China (HK) chairman Dr. Winnie Tang (Right 3), CLP Power Chief Operating Officer Mr. Chow Tang-fai (Left 3) and Senior Director – Power Systems Mr. Rick Truscott (Right 2) shared the joy of SAG Award.



This year, CLP Power was the SAG Award winner for Hong Kong region by its successful implementation of Power Systems Business Group Geo-Information Portal (PGIP).

PGIP provides seamless up-to-date electrical transmission and distribution network maps to engineers and field crews for design, construction, maintenance, and operation of the integrated network, which is comprised of over 14,700 km of transmission and high voltage distribution lines involving more than 14,000 substations.

The portal provides geo-information to desktop computers and mobile devices to the attainment of high supply reliability, excellent safety performance and quality customer services committed by CLP Power to its 2.4 million customers, approximately 80% of Hong Kong’s population.

PGIP integrates with a number of backend systems to provide support on:


  • Outage management
  • Voltage-dip management
  • Mitigation measures against lightning and storm surge
  • Whereabouts of field crews and safety patrol routes
  • Ad-hoc geospatial “what-if” enquiries



Most of the above applications are available in Mobile Apps version, allowing users to access the required geo-information whenever and wherever necessary. More than 1,000 professionals are currently using PGIP in CLP Power.

"CLP demonstrates the true power that geospatial technology holds when it is put in the hands of innovators," Esri China (HK) Chairman Dr. Winnie Tang said. "At Esri China (HK), we are inspired by the passion of our users for applying geography to solve problems and make Hong Kong a better place."

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