Esri Receives a Visit from Cybertecture Academy

Students from Cybertecture Academy visited our office in Hong Kong.

A 7-day summer program was organized by Cybertecture Academy for nine students coming from all over the world, including the UK, the US, India and Shanghai. The students paid a visit to Esri China (Hong Kong) office on 9 August 2018 together with the Chairman, CEO and Chief Cybertect of the academy, James Law.

A presentation was done by Frankie Choy during the visit.

As the world is undergoing rapid digital transformation, it is important to see GIS as The Science of Where. Therefore, MiL Program and ArcGIS Online were introduced to the students. Our colleagues at Esri China (HK) gave a workshop to teach them using ArcGIS Pro for building up “Solar Radiation Assessment”. A demonstration was done by using Story Maps with narrative text, images, and multimedia content. Winner of Esri Young Scholars Award 2018, Frankie Choy, also shared his award-winning project with the students.