Conferences on Smart Technologies in Smart Cities

The Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Workshop (BDAI) was held in the University of Hong Kong on 6 April 2019. BDAI hosted international speakers from the areas of Big Data and AI, which are important areas in the world economy. Sr. Paul Tsui, Managing Director of Esri China (HK), spoke on “Geo.AI & Big Data Fuel Smart Cities” to share his experiences with researchers, professors, and students.

Sr. Paul Tsui answered questions from the floor at the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Workshop.

On the other occasion, Siemens Innovation Day 2019 connected infrastructure providers, business leaders, policy makers and startups coming from various countries to shape smart Hong Kong together on 17 May 2019. As smart city development has been proliferated across the city, Sr. Paul Tsui delivered a talk on "GIS as a Collaborative Technology for Smart Cities".

Sr. Paul Tsui presented at the Siemens Innovation Day 2019.