Smart City 3.0 e-Book Version is Available Now

Hong Kong’s latest budget has just announced that HK$50 billion would be set aside for innovation and technology development. Biotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI), smart city and financial technologies are the focusing areas that more funding will be allocated.

Dr. Winnie Tang, Chairman of Esri (China) HK started to advocate the smart city development at the World Forum on Cities and Quality of Life hosted by the City of Geneva in 2006.

Dr. Winnie Tang, JP, Chairman of Esri (China) HK, foresees that innovation and technology is the enabler of smart city development. In her new book, Smart City 3.0, she highlighted the implications of new technologies and the visionary future of our smart cities, hoping to connect with kindred spirits, especially the younger generation, to build Hong Kong as a world-class smart city. She also stresses the meaning behind “smart city 3.0” is citizen’s engagement. To achieve this, the society should involve the public, private and people to co-create innovative solutions together to improve the quality of life. To facilitate this from planning to action, a common spatial data infrastructure (CSDI) is the prerequisite for all to get the useful data and transform them to powerful applications and solutions.

Both Chinese and English version of Smart City 3.0 are available to download for FREE.

CSDI works like a city brain to facilitate communication between the government and the general public. It is necessary to set specific action plan, together with sufficient resources, and prioritize implementation.

Dr. Winnie Tang pointed out that common spatial data infrastructure (CSDI) is the fundamental for Smart City development.

To find out more, you can buy a limited edition hard copy from book stores or Superbook City online, Smart City 3.0 can also be borrowed in all public and university's libraries in Hong Kong. For online readers, e-book is available for free download at Dr. Winnie Tang personal website and Smart City Consortium website. Enjoy reading!