Esri China (HK) as the Key Supporter

of Smart City Project Programme

With Esri China (HK) as supporting organization, Smart City Project Programme x STEM Education Day Camp organized by the Education Bureau and HKU e-Learning Development Laboratory was launched successfully. Esri China (HK) supported 4 sessions with ArcGIS Online in the Day Camp. Esri China (HK) also supported students in Hong Kong to adopt GIS innovative solution by providing free subscription of ArcGIS Online in its Map in Learning (MiL) Program, cooperating with Hong Kong Education City (HKEdCity). GIS can engage several critical elements in STEM curriculum and instruction, leading to understanding cross-disciplinary phenomena and solving problems rooted in academic and real world concepts.

STEM Education Day Camp Kick-off Ceremony, with Mrs. Ingrid Yeung, JP, Permanent Secretary for Education, Education Bureau, (fifth left) as the officiating guest, other guests included our Chairman Dr. Winnie Tang, JP (fourth left).

The Day Camp Kick-Off Ceremony was held on 3 February 2018, with Mrs. Ingrid Yeung, JP, Permanent Secretary for Education, Education Bureau as the officiating guest, and Chairman of Esri China (HK) Dr. Winnie Tang, JP, was one of the keynote speakers of the kick-off ceremony. Dr. Tang shared her insights on “How to Build a Smart City?” in her keynote speech. The ultimate goals of making a smarter community target for enhancing the quality of life and fostering sustainable growth with application of such technologies as IoT, big data analytics, AI and GIS.

Mrs. Ingrid Yeung Ho Poi-Yan, JP, Permanent Secretary for Education, Education Bureau, delivered a speech.

Our Chairman Dr. Winnie Tang, JP, delivered the keynote speech, sharing the insight on “How to Build a Smart City”.