Esri China (Hong Kong) 25th Anniversary

Esri China (Hong Kong) 25th Anniversary


The year 2022 marks a very special year for us, as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary.  


Esri China (Hong Kong) was founded in 1997. We went from an entrepreneurial home-grown IT company specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping solutions and become a leader in leading geospatial innovation in Hong Kong.


GIS has been widely adopted and deployed in Hong Kong for over a quarter-century since our Company actively developed and promoted the technology in the late 1990s. Nowadays, GIS plays an indispensable role in smart city development all over the world. We dedicate our support to users in achieving success in the implementation of GIS applications, nurturing the next generation to combat the future challenge with a geographical approach and bearing the social responsibility by delivering the technology to the community. 


Our 25th Anniversary Logo




Designed by multiple collaboration of our staff, the 25th Anniversary logo comes with the following elements and meaning:


Layers of Maps

The fundamental elements of GIS


Luminous Location Pin

Ideas that foster creative GIS solutions  


Geospatial Innovation

Leading geospatial innovation in Hong Kong for 25 years



Gold and Purple – Prosperity and Imagination


Blue and Green – Harmony and Sustainability



  • Founder & Chairman’s Message

    Founder & Chairman’s Message

    This year is my company’s 25th anniversary. Twenty-five years is only like a blink in the history, but for me, it is a step-by-step process of moving forward.

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